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George Dolánszky's website

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you will enjoy it and find the information useful and practical. There are several interesting stories, fascinating pictures and riddles. I have put together some useful software of which most are free.
I'm Hungarian, so most of my homepage is in my native language, but as my free time allows, I will do my best to translate it into English so I hope to see you again.

About me in a nutshell:
Ever since I remember I have always been interested in mechanics and how they work. It all started when I was happy (conquer) to disassemble my child-proof playpen within minutes and as a side effect the sides fell apart I had a close encounter with the hot iron stove.
As I was growing up, disassembling turned into building and creating and soon I started to fix broken clocks. In high school I fixed the broken down typewriters and slide projectors. I was fascinated by the world of locks; at school I was happy to decode the forgotten combination of locks, sometimes just for my own pleasure. -:) home made bouncer, soft screen for flash, Remote control for Canon EOS 500D 400D 350D 300D

Thanks to my parents I often went on excursions so I grew to love the outdoors. I was thrilled by the airplanes flying above me. After returning home I made several kites and toy-planes, some with engines and remote controls.
The first time I was in a cave was when I was less than 3 years old. When I was a teen my friends and I organised cave explorations. We spent most of our time in the north-eastern part of Hungary (Bükk and Aggteleki karst). We even found a few undiscovered caves in the Alps. Once we found a scull of a bear from the prehistoric age.
In Vass Imre cave near Jósvafő we continued the scientific research of our parents and we developed new methods, e.g. how to measure air pressure in caves. In the teamwork my task was to manage the technical challenges. Since we frequently spent several days underground we got to know each other thoroughly and have remained closed friend from then on.

It is not surprising that I became a "precision instrument manufacturer and maintenance technician". I first dealt with computers in clean room of Central Research Institute (KFKI) rented by KÜRT Co. I had to repair the mechanics of hard disk drives. For that is had to be innovative and develop new methods and devices.
Later I maintained computers and networks; my favourite area being how to protect systems from computer viruses.
After some years I worked for industrial companies, banks to help them secure their IT systems. To this day I work in this field.

My Curriculum Vitae.

In the meantime, I hadn't forgotten about flying, I learned how to paraglide then at a company event I flew in a glider (Góbé) and as a result I became a dedicated pilot. My glider club: MAV

These are the most popular pages on my website:

High-powered LED based headlamps, batteries and rechargers. Step by step precise description of how to create a high-powered LED lamp at home for caving and outdoor activities (e.g. bicycle lamp)...

Weather forecast - if you are in Hungary / Central Europe this is the ultimate site for weather. From 10 servers more than 5 MB data is downloaded, so it takes time to appear... This is my most popular page!

Information security - Tips about what to do?

Photography - Photo Gallery. How the CCD camera works. How to soften the flash light - downloadable tools...

Természet és lakókörnyezetünk! Environment and the outdoors. Solar eclipse and many interesting celestial phenomena. Renewable energy at home e.g. solar energy...

Tricks for Windows. How to speed up your computer...

Tools Useful programs (best freeware), like panoramic picture maker, photo viewers and editors, backup tools and much more...

viccek! Humour, jokes, riddles, and funny pictures...

Games! Logical and clever online and downloadable games...

From the tricks and tips:

Warning 220 Volts! It may be a lifesaver! Use a safety switch called Residual Current Device (RCD)!
This little device has saved my life several times. In our country it is only compulsory to use it in certain locations, but it is worth using it at home, shop, cellar and garage!
The device protects us when e.g. the electric lawn mower cuts the electric cable, when someone touches a wet hairdryer or there is a short circuit in the washing machine, or if a child puts a needle into the socket.
It will not protect you if you touch the live and neutral wire at the same time.
Operating principle: Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB / RCD) is an electrical wiring device that disconnects a circuit whenever it detects that the electric current is not equal in the live and the neutral conductor. Such an imbalance is sometimes caused by current leakage through the body of a person who is grounded and accidentally touching the live wire.
The switch/relay is so fast and sensitive that victim will usually not realise that they have almost died!
The small device looks like an electrical over-current circuit breaker (fuse at the electric meter or distributors), but the purpose of it is different. An electrician should install the RCD. The RCD device consumes NO extra power and it is available at almost any electronic store (costs about 40 EUR).
More information about residual-current devices on Wikipedia.

Overvoltage causes a lot of damage! To prevent damage to your expensive equipment from power surges and spikes is simple. The three categories of overvoltage protectors (called B, C and D) should be used for the best result. A cheaper solution is to use overvoltage protectors (power outlet with surge protection D) in every room. I recommend APC Basic Surge 5 Outlet Schuko 230V which cost about 12 EUR each.

All comments and ideas you may have are welcome. info@dola.huE-mail

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